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    Nominate your candidate for Idaho's Hometown Hero Medal today. Simply fill out and submit the form below. Medalists will be announced on July 15, 2013. Please provide all information listed below so that we may contact you in the event your candidate is selected to received a medal at this year's ceremony on August 30, 2013. Thank you for your support of our local heroes.


    NOMINATIONS FROM THE PUBLIC are the ?rst step in the selection process. Anyone may nominate any citizen living in Idaho for consideration of the Idaho's Hometown Hero Medal. We also recognize one honorary medalist each year, in celebration of and Idaho Hero who gave and lost a life in service to our great state.

    AFTER ALL NOMINATIONS ARE RECEIVED from the public, the nominations will be reviewed by our Selection Committee, who will then select the finalists to receive Idaho's Hometown Hero Medal.

    Please Do NOT nominate past recipients of Idaho's Hometown Hero Medal.


    IDAHO'S HOMETOWN HERO MEDAL is awarded annually to a handful of distinguished Idaho citizens who meet one or more of the following criteria:

    EXEMPLIFIES a life dedicated to the Idaho way of hard work, self-improvement and community service.

    EMBODIES the spirit of philanthropy while showing a remarkable commitment in both their personal and professional lives to improving communities across the State of Idaho.

    PRESERVES, celebrates and promotes the richness of history, tradition, and values of our great state while working to create a better world for all of us in the future by the work they do today.

    SHARES gifts with the community to boost recognition of the State of Idaho.

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